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noissue Shipping Labels


  • noissue Stickers

    No need to stress about the environmental impact and have all the fun branding with high quality noissue Stickers - easily customizable with multicolor designs in various choices of shapes and sizes. 

    Click here for the full scoop including pricing, lead times and order quantities!


    How are noissue Stickers eco-friendly?

    noissue stickers are made out of FSC-certified, acid-free paper; printed using soy-based ink; and finished with a non-toxic adhesive. This makes them 100% recyclable and compostable!

    After serving their purpose, simply remove them to recycle or compost at home, or in a commercial facility.


    How thick are noissue Stickers?

    They are 80gsm


    What is the finishing on noissue Stickers?

    noissue Stickers are 100% compostable and don't have any nasty plastic liners like majority of stickers out there. They do not have a glossy finish but it is not matte either - a sweet in-between. 


    What are available shapes for noissue Stickers?

    We offer various sizes in three shapes: rectangle, square and circle. Check out all your options on this page. 

    If you're in need of die-cut stickers or other shapes and sizes aside from our regular offering, we have a dedicated team who can help with custom orders for higher MOQs. Let us know what you have in mind here


    Are noissue stickers in rolls or sheets?

    noissue Stickers are in flat sheets as this helps to maintain the integrity of the product during shipping.

    If rolls are preferred for your purpose, we can produce them for you in higher MOQ. For more information, just drop us a message here


    How should I dispose the release liners from noissue Stickers?

    Release liners used for noissue Stickers have a silicone coating on them so unfortunately, they are not compostable but they can be recycled. We are working on a solution to make these compostable - stay tuned!


    Can I write or stamp on noissue Stickers?

    noissue Stickers are coated to seal the ink used to print your design. While stamping or writing on them are totally on your own discretion, some smudging should be expected due to the coating on them. 


    Are noissue Stickers vegan?

    Yes! While they are not certified vegan products, we're happy to confirm no animal products are used to produce noissue Stickers. 


    Are noissue Stickers water-proof?

    noissue Stickers do not have plasticized coating to keep them compostable so they are not completely waterproof - a small trade off to keep them absolutely eco-friendly!


    Can noissue make clear or transparent stickers?

    Yes, we can help with a custom order for transparent stickers. However, clear/ transparent stickers would not be eco-friendly as they would need a PE or silicone coating. We require an MOQ of 10,000 units for custom clear stickers. Let us know what you have in mind by leaving us a message here

  • noissue Shipping Labels

    noissue Compostable Shipping Labels are perfectly paired with sustainable packaging. If you're after a 100% regenerative packaging solution, our shipping labels are the way to go! 

    We offer shipping labels compatible with Brother, Dymo and Zebra. Other printers may also be compatible, but we recommend testing before purchasing in bulk. 

    Click here for the full scoop including pricing, lead times and order quantities!


    What makes noissue Shipping Labels eco-friendly?

    Made with paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council™, noissue Shipping Labels are 100% compostable and finished with non-toxic adhesive. 

    For full transparency, our official home and compost certifications are pending but we have reports to prove that all materials used are compostable. 


    What type of printers are compatible with noissue Shipping Labels?

    noissue Shipping Labels can work for a wide range of printers. noissue Shipping Labels can work on thermal printers or direct label printers. At this time, we do no have options for inkjet or laser printers.

    We recommend testing your printer with one roll before purchasing in bulk unless you're using one of these printers listed below from Brother, Dymo, and Zebra - we can guarantee compatibility with these models:

    Brand Models
    Dymo LabelWriter 4XL (SKU 1755120)

    LP2844/TLP2844, GC420/GC420T, GK420D/GK420T, GK888T/GK888D,
    ZP505,LP2642,LP2742,LP3642,LP3742,TLP3842,TLP3844Z,T402, Neatoscan, Eltron, Fargo, DataMax, Sato, Intermes and some larger direct and transfer thermal printers

    Brother QL-1100, QL-1110NWB and some larger direct and transfer thermal printers


    How many labels are in each roll of noissue Shipping Labels?

    Quantity of labels per roll differ based on type or brand of your label printer: 

    • Dymo - 220 Labels per Roll
    • Zebra - 250 Labels per Roll
    • Brother - 200 Labels per Roll.

    What's the difference between EU and US labels?

    Dymo and Zebra offer a US version and EU version of their printers, and these require different label types - we carry both!

    Here's a quick way to differentiate US version from EU version: 

    - US Labels do not have any markings on the back of the label so if your current labels have no marks on the back, be sure to select US labels. 

    - EU Labels have black barcode marks on the back of the label to help guide it through the machine.


    What is the shelf life of noissue Shipping Labels? 

    noissue Shipping Labels will last for 1 year if kept at room temperature inside the paper & box they come in. Fading may occur when unwrapped due to heat sensitivity. 



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