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    Make a great first impression with noissue Stamps! Branding comes easily with our eco-friendly and reusable noissue Stamp with over 10,000 impressions. Our stamps are available in 2 types, multiple sizes, and in 4 soy-based ink colors.
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    What makes noissue Stamps eco-friendly?  

    noissue Stamps are made from quality materials to have a longer lifetime. The Manual noissue Stamp is made with FSC-certified wood and rubber pad, and the self-inking version is made from over 65% post-consumer plastics; which gives a second life to plastic materials already in circulation. It comes with a soy-based ink pad so no harm done to any compostable or recyclable materials you're stamping on!


    What are the types and sizes of noissue Stamp?

    You have a selection of a Manual noissue Stamp, or a Self-inking noissue Stamp with the following size options below.

    In need of a particular size and shape aside from these options? With a MOQ of 5 noissue Stamps, we can customize the size and shape as well. Let us know what you have in mind!  

    Manual Stamps: Classic wooden stamp which all come with an ink pad in a color of your choice. You can order these in the below sizes:

    3cm x 3cm / 1.19 in x 1/19 in
    5cm x 5cm / 1.97 in x 1.97 in
    8cm x 8cm / 3.15 in x 3.15 in


    Self-inking Stamps: These come in a color of your choice with a ready-to-go ink cartridge. Available in these sizes:

    Circle Shape

    5cm x 5cm / 1.97in x 1.97in
    2.6cm x 0.9cm / 1.03 in x 0.36 in
    5.8cm x 2.2cm / 2.29 in x 0.87 in




    What material can I stamp on using noissue Stamp?

    We've seen tons of creative use of the noissue Stamp on various materials. 

    They work great on cards, labels, boxes, paper bags, hang tags, wood just to name a few! Let us know how you are using your noissue Stamp at #noissuestamps 


    What colors are available for noissue Stamps?

    You have a selection of the following ink colors:

    Blue (closest to PMS 300 C)
    Red (closest to PMS 032 C)
    Green (closest to PMS 354 C)


    What is the shelf life of noissue Stamp and ink?

    To preserve the ink with your noissue Stamp, be sure to keep the lid closed when not in use to avoid drying the ink and it should last you a minimum of 6 months. 

    The Manual noissue Stamp will last you for well over 10,000 impressions with proper care, while Self-inking noissue Stamp can last 10x more! Each load of ink on the cartridge for Self-inking noissue Stamp will last for well over 500 impressions.  


    How should I take care of my noissue Stamp?

    It doesn't take much to keep your noissue Stamp in optimum condition - here are a few handy tips from the team:

    • Store your stamp in a cool, dry and dark place. Heat and light will sometimes melt, distort or crack the rubber on your stamp and we wouldn't want that!
    • Don't use nasty inks. Yes, we're looking at you alcohol and solvent inks! By using soy-based or water-based inks, the rubber on your stamp is preserved better to to give you best results when stamping.
    • Give it a clean every now and again. To do this, use a damp cloth or non-chemical based wipes and give it a gentle clean.

    Can I buy ink refills for my noissue Stamp? 

    We currently do not sell ink and ink refills as stand-alone products but stay tuned! We are working on offering eco-friendly inks in the near future. 


    What should I keep in mind when designing my noissue Stamps?

    The general rule of thumb is simpler designs will stamp much cleaner and for any smaller details on designs, just keep the following in mind to assure it translates well on the stamp: 

    • Line thickness must be at least 0.2mm
    • Font size needs to be bigger than 1.5 mm
    • The design needs to be 1.5mm off the edge of the cut line to avoid losing some of your design.

    No need to mirror your design, too! Just upload your logo and we'll take care of the rest! 

    If you ever have any questions, our all-star design team is just a message away.





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