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  • The Wrap

    What is The Wrap?

    The Wrap is noissue’s publication for modern brands, makers and creatives around the world.

    We champion small businesses here at noissue, so the aim of our content is to give businesses of all sizes the tools to succeed in the world. 


    On The Wrap, you’ll find helpful packaging, business, marketing, branding, design, and sustainability tips and advice that are applicable to brands of any size.

    We also use The Wrap to profile the wonderful members of our different communities. Whether you’re a maker, a creative or an entrepreneur, you’ll find stories about people just like you.


    Can I contribute to The Wrap?

    We welcome submissions to The Wrap on the basis that the content is relevant and valuable to our audience. To write for The Wrap, email us at press@noissue.co and our team will review your pitch and come back to you. 


    Can I get a backlink? 

    Yes, you can link to your own website a maximum of two times per article. As per our house style, one of these links should be located in the footnote or author bio at the bottom of the article.


  • Eco-Alliance

    What is the Eco-Alliance?

    The Eco-Alliance is a community of businesses, makers, and brands dedicated to making a difference together by using sustainable packaging products that are either compostable, recyclable, or reusable. We're advocating for a better world through our eco-badge and members can offset their shipping by planting a tree with every noissue order they place. 

    See "The Eco-Packaging Alliance, explained: Where (and why) we plant trees"

    Beyond participating in global reforestation, members are dedicated to crafting a sustainable future through an array of conservation initiatives. They’re also able to gain global visibility for their brand by getting featured on the Wrap and participating in our online video series.



    How do I join the Eco-Alliance?

    By getting involved, at no cost (ever), you become part of a community of like-minded, eco-conscious brands. Head over to our HQ here and click “Join Now”.

    See “A Complete Guide to Joining noissue’s Eco-Alliance”


    What’s the Eco-Alliance badge?

    Your Eco-Alliance membership acknowledges your commitment to using sustainable packaging that is either Sustainable, Reusable, or Recyclable and you can share this with your customers through our eco-badge. 


    How do I download my Eco-Alliance badge and other assets?

    It’s easy! Head to the Eco-Alliance HQ and click “Eco-A Badge Bundle” to download our badge in an array of colorways. This includes our custom sticker pack, which is perfect for Instagram and TikTok!

    If you’re interested in sporting our badge on your website, copy and paste our unique code straight from the Sport Your Support section and insert it into the backend of your website. 


    What ways can I sport my support for the Eco-Alliance?

    Add the badge directly to your digital storefront (like a website, or a blog post), Spread the word and let your customers know that you use sustainable packaging products that are compostable, recycled, and/or reusable!

    Showcase your badge on your physical storefront, or download it directly to incorporate it into your packaging design, social media, or in an email. Get creative and show off your Eco-Alliance badge with our badge bundle! 

    See Here's All The Ways You Can Use Your noissue Eco-Alliance Badge.


    Are there any Eco-Alliance member benefits?

    There sure are! 

    Access to our eco-badge.

    Contribute to global reforestation. For every order placed, trees are planted in locations in need of reforestation to help offset your shipping. 

    Be part of our community! Connect with and gain support from a community of like-minded businesses. Get featured on our site and we’ll showcase your brand on sustainability. By adding your profile to our directory and being featured on The Wrap, you’ll gain global visibility for your business. 


    How can I be featured on The Wrap as an Eco-Alliance member?

    It’s pretty simple, join the Eco-Alliance through our HQ here and then fill out this form. Make sure you have high resolution imagery of your noissue products in use on hand before filling out the form. You will be required to supply this content in the form before submitting for a feature consideration.


    Are there any other ways I can get featured as an Eco-Alliance member?

    As a member, you’re able to participate in several of our online videos series titled “How I Got Started” and “Monthly Wrap Up Inspo”. Apply for consideration in “How I Got Started” here.


    How do I keep track of trees I’ve planted?

    One tree is planted for every order placed with noissue. 


    How do I know I’m in the Alliance?

    Head to our HQ here and click “Join Now”, then submit your information to join the Alliance. You should receive a message that says “Congrats! You’re already part of the Alliance”. 



  • Creative Community


    What is the noissue Creative Community?

    The noissue Creative Community is a collective of independent designers, studios, agencies and illustrators committed to helping makers and businesses bring their brand to life. Our global community is a hub for innovative creators to join forces, access resources, and enable business of all sizes to utilize talented Creatives and bespoke, sustainable packaging.


    What perks can I enjoy as part of the Creative Community?

    Every month, we release a new, unique perk to our community, specifically designed to help make Creatives’ lives a little easier. Whether it be free mockup PSDs to showcase your designs or custom stickers and gifs to spruce up your online presence, we’re here to support! Check out more specifics below:


    How do I join the noissue Creative Community?

    If you’re a designer, creative studio or agency, or illustrator designing on behalf of clients, we’d love to have you join our community! You can find our application form here!


    Where can I explore the Creatives?

    Check out what makes our community great on our community page, here! Explore our monthly perks, member benefits, inspiring stories and branding tips from fellow creatives, our monthly #noissuechallenge Design Challenge, and more!


    What is Community Design?

    Community Design is a new initiative by noissue that bridges the gap between businesses in need of design assistance and our incredible worldwide community of creatives, all through a seamless and easy-to-use onsite design feature.

    This feature is currently live for kraft mailers, stamps and cards! Learn more here


    Where can I keep up with the Creative Community?

    Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest!

  • Industry Experts

    What is noissue Industry Experts?

    We’ve partnered with the best-in-the-business to bring you all the resources you’ll need to build and grow a brand. Our Industry Experts span all specialties - from marketing, to logistics, to sustainability - this collective is designed to be your one-stop-shop for small biz support. Our experts include consultants, agencies, and enterprises who are here to make your life as a small business owner easier.


    Where can I meet the Industry Experts?

    Explore our directory of Experts here. You’ll find businesses, agencies, and consultants from all around the world each with their own area of expertise.




    How do I become a noissue Industry Expert? 

    Apply to become a noissue Industry Expert here.

  • Brand Partnerships

    Does noissue partner/collaborate with other companies?

    Yes! We’re always looking for like-minded, interesting brands to collaborate with.


    What does noissue look for in brand partnerships?

    We partner with like-minded, inspiring brands that are aligned in our values of sustainability, community and creativity.

    Approaching every partnership with these three pillars in mind, we are motivated to develop impactful collaborations.


    I have an amazing idea and am interested in learning more about collaborating. Who do I contact?

    Please reach out to partnerships@noissue.co to tell us more about your brand, partnership goals, and any ideas you have in mind. If we believe your brand is a good fit for a partnership, we will reach out.

  • Events Hub

    What is the Events Hub?

    The Events Hub is noissue’s events sponsorships program that partners with events supporting noissue’s customer groups: retail, hospitality, and makers.



    Who does noissue partner with for events?

    Events that support small businesses and reach noissue’s global customer base including makers markets, craft fairs, food festivals, and small business workshops.



    Sponsored noissue Tote Bags for Tropical Flea, organized by Support Local FL.


    How can I explore the noissue Events Calendar?

    Get access to virtual and in-person markets, fairs, food festivals, and more on the noissue Events Hub Calendar. From daytime dines that’ll satisfy your inner foodie to maker markets for unique bits and bobs, you’ll find an occasion to fancy on the noissue Events Hub. 


    How can I get my event featured on the noissue Events Calendar?

    Submit your event here!

  • Collaborators

    Do you collaborate with small businesses and/or makers?

    We do! It really depends on whether there is a campaign on, but we always like to hear any expressions of interest if you’re a creator that owns a small business or has a use for packaging.


    How do I get featured on your: Instagram, Blog, Facebook, TikTok?

    Tagging us in your content gives us visibility! We have @noisseuco for all your #noissuepackaging, @noissuemakers for all makers/creators, @noissuebites for Foodsafe, and @noissuecreatives for designers and studios! Using #noissuepackaging also lets us easily find your content! We select imagery that best represent noissue products to feature on our feed.


    How can I submit my media kit? 

    Email us and tell us a bit about yourself and how you’d like to use noissue products! The more detail the better! Please include links to your social channels. Email collabs@noissue.co and we’ll reach out if we have a campaign you’d be suited for.

  • Plus

    What is a Plus partner?

    A Plus Partner is a brand looking to place a large order with noissue, with order sizes ranging from 10K to 100K. We’re happy to work with any company looking for higher order quantities and when you become a Plus partner, we can accommodate this!


    How do I become a Plus partner?

    Simply enquire here.


    What are Plus MOQs?

    If you are looking for quantities greater than those we have available on our website, then noissue Plus might be able to help! In these higher quantities we can also assist you with complex design requests and can often cater to shipping, design, and product requirements that are unique to your company.


    What is the price range for a Plus order? 

    Every order is custom and it depends on the details of that order, such as design specifications and quantity.


    What are the lead times? 

    Products shipped via air freight will take 3-4 weeks and products shipped via sea freight will take 8-10 weeks. We also offer hybrid shipping arrangements (air+sea). 


    What does custom packaging look like for Plus partners?

    Each noissue product in the Plus Product Catalog can be customized to cater to your branding needs. 


    Do you offer samples? 

    Yes! You may place an order for a noissue Plus sample pack here. This includes Custom Compostable / Recycled / Kraft mailers, Tissue Paper, Stickers, Tape, Shipping Labels, and Cards.


    How can I market my sustainable packaging to a large audience? 

    Our Eco-Alliance is a great way to communicate the steps you’ve taken in your sustainability journey by switching to noissue packaging. By sharing our eco-badge on your website and social media channels, consumers are able to recognize that you are making a public commitment to sustainability. 


    Can an Eco-Alliance member also be a Plus partner? If so, how many trees are planted per order?

    Yes! We encourage our Plus partners to make the commitment to sustainability and join the Eco-Alliance. By getting involved, at no cost (ever), you become part of a community of like-minded, eco-conscious brands. Your membership acknowledges your commitment to using sustainable packaging and you can share this with your customers through the Eco-Alliance badge. The number of trees planted per order depends on the specifics of your order. 


    Can Plus partners participate in a noissue Brand Partnership?

    Absolutely! Find more information on all things Brand Partnerships here.




  • #itsnoissue Team

    Do you have any open jobs?

    You can check all our open jobs here.


    What are your company values?

    We always had global ambition and a clear vision for our little company from day one. The products we offer, the customers we support and our global team share three core values:

    Creativity, Community, and Sustainability.

    Read more on our team page.

  • Distributor Program

    Do you have a reseller program?

    Yes, we sure do! If you have clients that need custom packaging, become a noissue reseller.


    How do I apply to become a noissue Distributor?

    Just fill out this application and our dedicated team will reach out with more information.

    For any questions, just send us a message. 


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