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Where can I plant trees?


  • Are you FSC certified?


    You can see proof of our certification here.

    To use the FSC trademark, our whole upstream supply chain must be FSC certified too! This means that all of our factories and raw materials suppliers have FSC certifications, meaning we have a chain of custody right back to the roots.

    Check out FSC's website for more info.



  • Where are noissue products made?


    Join the Eco-Alliance here.

  • Where can I plant trees?

    The areas available for our Eco-Packaging Alliance tree planting program are places throughout the world that are suffering from serious deforestation.


    Deforestation is a global problem and we are a global company, so noissue has committed to supporting a wide range of territories in our Eco-Packaging Alliance program.



    Targeted territories include Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, Haiti, and Guatemala amongst others. Where you want your trees planted is entirely up to you.


    As needs change, different territories are prioritised for re-forestation. For an up to date list of countries involved, check out the website of our partner One Tree Planted


    You can read more about noissue's Eco-Packaging Alliance program here.

  • How many trees can I plant with my order?

    We plant one tree with every order, so the more orders you make, the more trees you can help to plant!


    We are currently in the process of finding new ways to reward our customers who’ve been extra forest-friendly, so keep an eye out!


    You can read more about our sustainability efforts here

  • Who do you partner with to plant trees?

    For our tree planting program, we partner with the amazing One Tree Planted.


    For every order made through noissue.co, One Tree Planted helps us to plant a tree! Locations are kept updated depending on which areas are most in need, helping with reforestation efforts.

    Also, all of our paper products are FSC-certified. This means that we only use paper from ethically and sustainably kept forests, carefully monitored by the folks at the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

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