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The basics

  • Can I order samples?

    You can order our sample packs below for a small fee! Each pack includes slightly different variations in our products, if you are looking to see something that is not shown within the pack - just ask the team!


    Tissue Sample Pack - Includes both sizes/weights of tissue, Stickers, Tape, Cards and a small noissue Compost Mailer!

    Foodsafe Sample Pack - Includes our different sizes of foodsafe paper & stickers


    Due to set-up costs, we aren't able to send out customized samples - all sample packs are printed with noissue branding.

    Standard delivery is 10 days for most countries around the world with the option to expedite at checkout.


  • Do you offer products not listed on your site?

    Currently, we only offer custom tissue papercustom stickerscustom tape and compostable mailers.

    Rest assured, we are always exploring new packaging products that are sustainably-sourced and eco-friendly, so watch this space!  

  • Can I get custom sizes?

    We have standard sizes for all of our products which you can see here.

    If you are looking for custom sizes, you can get in touch with the team here, but please note that we have higher MOQ's for these!


noissue Tissue

  • Is noissue tissue paper made from recycled materials?

    All noissue paper products are FSC-certified - this guarantees that our paper has been sourced in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner. 


    noissue tissue paper is made from 30% recycled materials. The rest is from new acid-free pulp.  

  • Is noissue tissue eco-friendly?


    We use acid-free paper and soy-based inks. These are FSC-certified materials that are environmentally-friendly and easier to recycle.

  • How is noissue tissue shipped?

    We ship all noissue tissue orders in custom noissue boxes, offering full protection and a convenient easy-to-use tissue drawer.  


    Each box can hold 250, 500 or 1,000 sheets, depending on the volume of your order.

  • What GSM is your tissue?

    Our standard tissue for single color printing is 17gsm - the thickness commonly associated with tissue paper.

    Should you need something thicker, we also offer 28gsm. This thickness is used for all 2 color and full bleed printing.

  • What size is noissue tissue?

    There are two sizes of noissue tissue available:



    • Large - 50x75cm (20" X 30")
    • Small - 38x50cm (15" X 20")
  • Why doesn't the color of my tissue paper exactly match my sticker?

    This is because different printing methods are used for different materials.

    Our tissue paper is produced with offset printing that uses Pantone hex codes, while our stickers are printed digitally using CMYK colors. This can result in a color variation of 5% to 10%.

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noissue Tape

  • What is noissue tape made out of?

    noissue tape is made from 100% recycled paper!


    It's also FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper. This means it is sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly and sustainably.


    Furthermore, the tape adhesive is water-activated (and non-toxic), meaning that the surface isn’t coated in wax to prevent sticking - another environmental benefit that also makes our tape compostable!


  • How do I apply my water-activated tape?

    Simply wet the non-toxic adhesive backing and apply!

    You can watch our full tutorial here..

  • How strong is noissue tape?

    noissue tape is suitable for holding packages up to 20 kgs (44 lbs).

  • Is noissue tape biodegradable, recyclable and eco-friendly?



    noissue tape is made from 100% recycled FSC-certified acid-free paper, printed using soy-based inks, and finished with a non-toxic water-activated adhesive. All of which makes it recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.


    Every inch of noissue tape is sustainable!

  • What sizes of noissue tape are available?

    There are 2 sizes of noissue tape available:

    • Small - (H) 5cm x (L) 50m
    • Standard -  (H) 7.2cm x (L) 50m
  • Can I customize the size of noissue tape?

    We can accommodate custom sizes for a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 100 rolls.  

    Get in touch with the team here if you'd like to enquire. 

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noissue Cards

  • What sizes can you print?

    We have 3 sizes available at present:

    • 105mm x 148mm (A6)
    • 93mm x 215mm (Rack)
    • 148mm x 210mm (A5)
  • Do you have a template I can use?

    We have blank dielines that you can insert your design into, but for now, our templates are still in the works! We will be releasing a handful of templates that you can use (like our tissue paper) along with a spiffy online editor - stay tuned!

    You can download one of our print-ready dielines right from the card designer. Simply download and insert your design and we'll sort the rest.

  • Can I write on the cards?

    Sure can.

    Our cards are uncoated so that they can be composted and recycled easily. Most pens will work just fine when writing on the cards.

  • Do you have any pre-existing designs?

    Not yet, but very soon! 

    We will be releasing an online editor in the coming months that will have templates and some pre-existing designs so that you can create with ease. If you are a creative and have some ideas you'd like to share - check out our creative community and get signed up here

  • How thick are noissue Cards?

    Our cards are 350gsm or 16pt

  • Can I print double-sided?


    You can print the same or different designs on both sides. There is no difference in price between doing 1 or 2 sides.

    How many colors you might ask? As many as you like! We print CMYK

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noissue Stamps

  • Do noissue Stamps come with ink?

    Sure do!

    Our self-inking stamps come preloaded with an ink cartridge of the color you selected and our manual wooden stamps come with an ink pad, also with the color you selected.

    All of the ink that we use is soy-based, so rest assured there are no nasty chemicals involved.


  • How long will the ink last?

    The ink in our ink pads should last at a very minimum of 6 months. To preserve the ink, keep the lid closed when not using it so that the ink won't dry.

    Our self-inking stamp is good for well over 500 impressions before needing to apply more ink. To do this, you just need to remove the cartridge and add ink to the pad.

  • What materials can I stamp?

    noissue Stamps can be used on a variety of materials!

    From the fun we have had so far with our stamps - they work really well on cards, boxes, paper bags, hang tags wood and coffee cups! We can't wait to see how you are using your stamps at #noissuestamps


  • What are your stamps made of?

    noissue Stamps are made from quality materials, so that they have a longer lifetime. Your stamp also comes with a soy-based ink pad or cartridge, soy inks are a renewable resource, and leave no petroleum behind - so you can use it on compostable materials.

    Self-inking - These are made from over 65% post-consumer waste plastic and come with a soy-based ink cartridge.

    Manual - These are made from FSC certified wood and a rubber pad.


  • What color ink do you have?

    At the moment we have 4 ink colors:

    • Black
    • Blue (Closest to PMS 300 C)
    • Red (Closest to PMS 032 C)
    • Green (Closest to PMS 354 C)


  • Can I buy ink refills?

    At the moment we don't sell ink as a stand-alone product, only when ordered with stamps. We are working on offering our sustainable soy-based inks - stay tuned!

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noissue Stickers

  • Is the sticker adhesive eco-friendly?

    Yes, we use a non toxic adhesive meaning our stickers are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

  • Are noissue stickers waterproof?

    Our compostable stickers do not have any plasticized coating so are not completely waterproof - a small trade off to keep it absolutely eco-friendly!

  • What shapes can noissue stickers be?

    Our compostable custom stickers come in two shapes.

    • Circle with 4cm or 5cm diameter
    • Rectangle in 8cm⨯5cm or 6cm⨯4cm sizes

    You can check them out here.

  • Can I customize the size or shape of noissue stickers?

    We can accommodate custom sizes and/or shapes for a minimum order quantity of 10,000 units.  

    Please contact us here to enquire.

  • What is the best way to dispose of noissue stickers?

    noissue stickers are made out of FSC-certified paper, printed using soy-based ink, and have a non-toxic adhesive. This makes them 100% recyclable and compostable!


    Simply remove them and recycle or compost either at home, or in a commercial facility.

  • What are your release liners made from?
    Release liners are the sheets that our stickers come on.
    At present, these have a silicone coating on them so unfortunately, they are not compostable. In terms of recycling, this depends on the facilities within your area - but most would be fine to process these.
    We are working on a solution to make these compostable - stay tuned!
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noissue Foodsafe Paper

  • What sizes can I order?

    noissue Foodsafe Paper is available in 5 sizes to suit most food presentation needs.

    From small to large, we have:

    • 15 x 15cm / 6" x 6"
    • 18 x 25cm / 7" x 10"
    • 25 x 25cm / 10" x 10"
    • 30 x 30cm / 12" x 12"
    • 30cm x 42cm / 12" x 16.5"

    If you're not sure what size might suit your purpose best, get in touch with the team here and we'd be happy to talk through it with you!

  • What is the difference in colors/prices?

    There are 3 different options with design when it comes to noissue Foodsafe paper:

    • 1 Color - this is where your design includes a logo or design that contains 1 Pantone color and does not involve a full background.
    • 1C Full Background (flood printing) - this is where your color covers the full background of the paper, or you have a white logo/design that has been reveresed out.
    • 2 Color - this is where there is either a full color background with a color logo, or a 2 color logo


    If you require any clarifications from the team, just let us know!

  • Will noissue foodsafe handle really greasy/oily food?

    Our foodsafe paper is 38GSM and is similar to that of a tray liner. It will withstand some grease but due to the fact that there is no coating on the paper (that would require a plastic coating), we can't guarantee the paper will withstand really oily or wet foods like some other greaseproof paper might.

    If you are not sure whether this is going to suit your restaurant - best to order a sample pack here.

  • Does the paper have a wax or silicone coating?

    noissue Foodsafe does not have a coating at this stage, however it is greaseproof!

    The reason we don't have a coated paper is completely down to the sustainability characteristics of this type of paper being in conflict with the noissue framework. We are working towards a sustainable alternative on this - stay tuned!

  • How many colors can I print on noissue Foodsafe Paper?

    You can customize your noissue Foodsafe Paper with designs using 1 or 2 colors.

    Due to food safety criteria, metallic & neon colors are not available, but any other color in the Pantone library can be incorporated. 

  • Is noissue Foodsafe Paper certified?


    noissue Foodsafe Paper is certified by:

    • The FDA for use with food products
    • FSC for our sustainable paper sources

    Feel free to reach out to the team here if you want to talk through the details. 

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noissue Kraft Mailers

  • How thick are noissue Kraft Mailers?

    Our custom Kraft mailers are 230 GSM, and our stock kraft mailers are 250 GSM.

  • What are noissue Kraft Mailers made from?

    Our Kraft mailers are made from 100% FSC Certified Recycled paper. This means that all of the raw material we use to make the mailers is from recycled materials and no virgin pulp is used.


    Read more about FSC here

  • How many colors can I print on Kraft Mailers?

    We use a few different print methods for our Kraft mailers depending on the design you send our way! We can print offset and match to 1 or 2 Pantone colors, or we can use a 4 Color process and print CMYK, meaning you can print any design you want!

    If getting an exact match on your colors is important, we recommend matching to a Pantone as CMYK can sometimes be 5-10% different.

  • Can you print on both sides of the flap?

    Sure can! If you want your customers to open their package and be surprised with a message on the inside of the flap, no problem. Just let our design team know what you want to do here and we can make it happen :)

  • Can I print on both sides of the Kraft Mailer?

    Of course! 

    If you need help from our team getting your design just right, just reach out to us here

  • Can I ship fragile items in these?

    We would certainly not advise it!

    The Kraft mailers are thick and durable, but there is no padding inside the mailers. These are great for shipping:

    • Prints and cards
    • Apparel
    • Books & Magazines
    • Photos 
    • Calendars
    • Artwork

    If you want to check what would be best to ship your items, just ask the team!

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noissue Recycled Mailers

  • What are noissue Recycled Mailers made of?

    The noissue Recycled Mailer is made out of 100% pre-consumer recycled plastic!

    This means that we only ever use waste plastic to make our mailers and are never producing new or virgin plastic. As well as this, the mailers are 100% recyclable so that they can be made into something else and is commonly referred to in the industry as a circular economy product.

    See more on Circular Economies here.

  • What sizes can I buy?

    There are 4 sizes of the noissue Recycled Mailer:

    • 165mm x 230mm 
    • 260mm x 385mm
    • 300mm x 420mm
    • 370mm x 480mm

    There are 2 adhesive strips on each mailer and the flap size is 80mm. If you aren't sure what size will work best for your products, feel free to get in touch with the team and we can help figure it out!

  • What thickness are they?

    noissue Recycled Mailers are 60UM or 2.36mil thick.

    From the tests we have done, this is the optimum thickness to withstand domestic and international shipping whilst using as little material and keeping the mailers as light as we can.

  • Do they have a shelf life?

    These should be fine to last as long as you need them! To avoid the ink fading over time, keep them in the carton they come in until ready to use.

  • Are they Recyclable?

    These are made from a combination of 100% recycled LDPE (4) and HDPE (2).

    The numbers in brackets represent which recycling plastic these materials belong to so that these can be sorted correctly.

    It is best to check on what regulations are in place in your area around recycling regulations. Most local councils & governments will have detailed information readily available for this and will be able to tell you where is best to recycle these.

  • Can I get samples of these?

    We are working on including these in all sample packs, bear with us as we get that sorted!

    If it is essential you touch and feel these before purchasing, feel free to get in touch with the team and we will get it sorted for you.

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noissue Recycled Padded Mailers

noissue Compostable Mailers

  • Is a noissue mailer included in the sample pack?

    Yes, it is!

    To order a sample pack, head over to this page.


  • What is the best way to store noissue mailers for longevity?

    Compostable noissue mailers should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place to preserve their strength.

    If stored correctly, noissue mailers are strong enough to send parcels around the world for at least 9 months.

  • How durable are noissue mailers?

    Our bags perform much better than conventional plastic.


    They don’t break at the bottom when put under heavy weight, and are 100% waterproof. They are also tear-resistant by stretching to distribute the weight over the whole bag, rather than in just one section.


    This makes them much more robust, especially for repeat use!

  • What is the shelf life of noissue mailers?

    If stored correctly in a cool, dark, dry place, noissue mailers are strong enough to send parcels around the world for at least 9 months.

  • How see-through is the noissue mailer if there is no base color?

    The noissue mailer, without any base color is translucent and appears 'cloudy'. See photo below.

    Blank noissue mailers can be ordered at high minimum order quantities (MOQ), get in touch with the team here to enquire. 
  • Can I custom design a mailer for my business?

    You sure can!  


    Please note that our MOQ (minimum order quantity) for custom designs starts at approximately 30,000 units, depending on your size specification.  If this fits your business requirements, please get in touch with the team here


    We are currently working on ways to reduce this MOQ and make it more accessible. Should you wish to consider our regular stock noissue mailers, orders start at 100 units - you can check out the pricing for these on the noissue mailer page

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noissue Shipping Labels

  • What are noissue Shipping Labels made of?

    The noissue Shipping Labels are made from FSC Certified heat sensitive thermal paper and a non toxic adhesive. 

    We have SGS and MSDS reports showing all of the materials used to make our labels are compostable and non-toxic, however we are yet to receive the official home and compost certifications.

    These are pending and will hopefully be in our hands soon!

  • What is the shelf life of the shipping labels?

    These will last for 1 year if kept at room temp in the paper & box they come in. If unwrapped, the heat sensitivity of these will being to fade and printing may not be as successful. 

    We ship these worldwide for free within 10-14 days, so no need to fill the room with them!

  • What is your MOQ for Shipping Labels?


    These can be purchased on our site in lots of 1, 5, 10, 20, 40 or 60 rolls. If you want to order more than that, no worries! Just head over to our noissue Plus page to get in touch with the team

  • What printers are the labels compatible with?

    Our shipping labels are compatible with a range of different printers however it is very important to note that some labels only work with very specific brands and printers (looking at you Dymo!)

    The three different types of shipping labels that we have are:

    • Dymo - US & EU
    • Zebra - US & EU
    • Brother

    We highly recommend testing the roll with your printer before buying in bulk as we can't guarantee the labels working with other printers other than the below:

    Dymo Labels will work on:

    • Dymo LabelWriter 4XL (SKU 1755120)

    Zebra Labels will work on:

    • LP2844/TLP2844, GC420/GC420T, GK420D/GK420T, GK888T/GK888D,

    • GX420D/GX420T,GX430T,LP2442,LP2443,ZP450,ZD500.ZD500R.ZP500,

    • ZP505,LP2642,LP2742,LP3642,LP3742,TLP3842,TLP3844Z,T402,

    • Neatoscan, Eltron, Fargo, DataMax, Sato, Intermes and some larger Direct and Transfer Thermal Printers

    Brother Labels will work on:

    • QL-1100 and QL-1110NWB and some larger Direct and Transfer Thermal Printers

    If your printer is not shown here, it is best to order 1 roll to test!


  • Can I order samples of noissue Shipping Labels?

    We would love to include these in our sample packs however there is little use in this without having the roll - it is therefore best to buy 1 roll if you aren't sure!

  • What size printers are compatible with the labels?

    For our labels to work on any printer, they must be compatible with the following sizes:

    Brother Printers must be compatible with labels  that are at least 6" x 4" / 102mmx152mm

    Dymo Printers must be compatible with labels  that are at least 4”x6” / 104mmx159mm

    Zebra Printers must be compatible with labels  that are at least 4”x6” / 100mmx150mm


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noissue Totes

  • What are noissue Totes made from?

    noissue Tote Bags are made from Certified 100% Organic Cotton and printed with water-based inks.

  • What designs can I print?

    We can print pretty much any design you want within reason! Below are a few guidelines to follow so that we can ensure a great outcome for your spiffy new noissue Totes!

    • Printing available in 1 color per bag
    • We use Pantone TPG (See more on those here - it is the Pantone FHI Paper TPG range!)
    • Your design needs to be at least 1mm thick, so make sure those lines and dots have a bit of volume to them!
    • There should be at least a 5mm gap between lines and dots
    • If you are using words, these should be taller than than 1cm

    If you have any questions on this - just click the question mark in the bottom right and we'll be right with you :)

  • What size are noissue Totes?

    noissue Tote Bags come in ones size fits all - stay tuned for further releases soon!

    • Body of the Bag - 40cm x 40cm / 15.75" x 15.75"
    • Handles - 2.5cm x 54cm / 1" x 21 1/4"

    They are 248 gsm in thickness and each bag weighs 100 grams


  • How many noissue Totes can I order?

    You can order the following quantities of noissue Tote bags:

    • 25 Bags
    • 50 Bags
    • 100 Bags
    • 200 Bags
    • 500 Bags

    If you want to order more than this, head here and submit a request and we'll get right back to you!

  • What printing method do you use?

    We print offset for our tote bags, which is why we have a few requirements around thickness of lines etc that you can see more info on here - What designs can I print?


  • What inks do you print with for noissue Totes?

    We use certified Water-based inks to print our Tote bags and utilize Pantone TPG to match the color you are looking for!

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