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  • noissue Foodsafe Paper


    Elevate your food presentation and branding with customizable noissue Foodsafe Paper. And yes, it's grease-proof! Click here for the full scoop including pricing, lead times and order quantities!

    Here's a fun read on how you can customize noissue Foodsafe Paper to make your food look even more appetizing. For more inspo, see them out in the wild: #noissueFoodsafe


    What makes noissue Foodsafe eco-friendly?

    At noissue, sustainability comes first, and noissue Foodsafe fits right in! Made from FSC-certified paper and printed with water-based, foodsafe inks, noissue Foodsafe is 100% recyclable and compostable. 


    Is noissue Foodsafe Paper certified? 

    No doubt! noissue Foodsafe Paper has two certifications: 

    • FDA-approved for use with food products
    • FSC-certified to confirm it is made with sustainably sourced materials.

    What are the sizes available for noissue Foodsafe Paper? 

    noissue Foodsafe is available in 5 sizes to suit most food presentation needs:

    • 15 x 15cm or 6" x 6"
    • 18 x 25cm or 7" x 10"
    • 25 x 25cm or  10" x 10"
    • 30 x 30cm or 12" x 12"
    • 30cm x 42cm or 12" x 16.5"

    Not sure which size is most appropriate for your needs? Looking for different sizes outside of the listed sizes above? We're happy to help - get in touch with us here


    How thick is noissue Foodsafe Paper? 

    noissue Foodsafe Paper is made using industry standard 38gsm grease-proof paper.

    This allows for it to be flexible enough for presentation, yet sturdy enough for performance. 


    Is noissue Foodsafe Paper coated? 

    noissue Foodsafe is not coated to keep it compostable, and to avoid using plastic coating. With that said, it is grease-proof. 


    Can noissue Foodsafe Paper handle greasy food? 

    noissue Foodsafe Paper is 38gsm which is comparable to tray liner. It withstands grease but since it is not coated to avoid the use of plastic coating, we cannot guarantee that it can hold up as well as regular, grease-proof paper on very greasy food or wet food items. We are working on a sustainable alternative for this protective coating, so stay tuned!

    To test it for your specific purpose, you can order a sample pack here


    How are noissue Foodsafe Paper printed?

    Currently, we only print up to 2 Pantone colors on noissue Foodsafe Paper. There are 3 different options with design when it comes to noissue Foodsafe Paper:

    • 1 Color - your design contains 1 Pantone color, without a full background.
    • 1 Color + Full Background or Flood Printing - 1 Pantone color is printed to cover the full background of the paper. 
    • 2 Color - design with a full color background and a color logo, or a logo with two colors. 



    We can print multiple colors on noissue Foodsafe using CMYK Printing for an additional cost and MOQ of 5,000. Send us a message for any questions on this. 


    Design tips to get the best results on your noissue Foodsafe:

    • For optimal printing results, text height should be at least 2mm.
    • Line thickness should be at least 0.2mm. 
    • Important text/graphic elements must be at least 5mm away from trim lines.


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