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  • What sizes can you print?

    We have 3 sizes available at present:

    • 105mm x 148mm (A6)
    • 93mm x 215mm (Rack)
    • 148mm x 210mm (A5)
  • Do you have a template I can use?

    We have blank dielines that you can insert your design into, but for now, our templates are still in the works! We will be releasing a handful of templates that you can use (like our tissue paper) along with a spiffy online editor - stay tuned!

    You can download one of our print-ready dielines right from the card designer. Simply download and insert your design and we'll sort the rest.

  • Can I write on the cards?

    Sure can.

    Our cards are uncoated so that they can be composted and recycled easily. Most pens will work just fine when writing on the cards.

  • Do you have any pre-existing designs?

    Not yet, but very soon! 

    We will be releasing an online editor in the coming months that will have templates and some pre-existing designs so that you can create with ease. If you are a creative and have some ideas you'd like to share - check out our creative community and get signed up here

  • How thick are noissue Cards?

    Our cards are 350gsm or 16pt

  • Can I print double-sided?


    You can print the same or different designs on both sides. There is no difference in price between doing 1 or 2 sides.

    How many colors you might ask? As many as you like! We print CMYK

  • What makes noissue Cards sustainable?

    Our cards are made from 100% recycled content, printed with soy-based inks and are 100% compostable and recyclable. 

    Most cards you will see out there have a silicone or plastic coating involved, but not these. Not on our watch. All noissue cards are uncoated and printed with soy-based inks with recycled FSC certified paper. The packaging that we ship the cards in is also completely paper-based and can be composted at home on your heap or recycled to make more noissue Cards!

    Check out more on noissue products here.

  • Do you have cards that fold?

    At present, we don't have any kinds of cards that have a fold line.

    We only have cards that are one piece of card that you can print on the front and back, like a postcard but not like a birthday card!


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