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  • What sizes can I order?

    noissue Foodsafe Paper is available in 5 sizes to suit most food presentation needs.

    From small to large, we have:

    • 15 x 15cm / 6" x 6"
    • 18 x 25cm / 7" x 10"
    • 25 x 25cm / 10" x 10"
    • 30 x 30cm / 12" x 12"
    • 30cm x 42cm / 12" x 16.5"

    If you're not sure what size might suit your purpose best, get in touch with the team here and we'd be happy to talk through it with you!

  • What is the difference in colors/prices?

    There are 3 different options with design when it comes to noissue Foodsafe paper:

    • 1 Color - this is where your design includes a logo or design that contains 1 Pantone color and does not involve a full background.
    • 1C Full Background (flood printing) - this is where your color covers the full background of the paper, or you have a white logo/design that has been reveresed out.
    • 2 Color - this is where there is either a full color background with a color logo, or a 2 color logo


    If you require any clarifications from the team, just let us know!

  • Will noissue foodsafe handle really greasy/oily food?

    Our foodsafe paper is 38GSM and is similar to that of a tray liner. It will withstand some grease but due to the fact that there is no coating on the paper (that would require a plastic coating), we can't guarantee the paper will withstand really oily or wet foods like some other greaseproof paper might.

    If you are not sure whether this is going to suit your restaurant - best to order a sample pack here.

  • Does the paper have a wax or silicone coating?

    noissue Foodsafe does not have a coating at this stage, however it is greaseproof!

    The reason we don't have a coated paper is completely down to the sustainability characteristics of this type of paper being in conflict with the noissue framework. We are working towards a sustainable alternative on this - stay tuned!

  • How many colors can I print on noissue Foodsafe Paper?

    You can customize your noissue Foodsafe Paper with designs using 1 or 2 colors.

    Due to food safety criteria, metallic & neon colors are not available, but any other color in the Pantone library can be incorporated. 

  • Is noissue Foodsafe Paper certified?


    noissue Foodsafe Paper is certified by:

    • The FDA for use with food products
    • FSC for our sustainable paper sources

    Feel free to reach out to the team here if you want to talk through the details. 

  • Is noissue Foodsafe Paper eco-friendly?


    noissue Foodsafe Paper is made from FSC certified paper, printed using water-based inks, and is 100% recyclable and compostable. 

    The noissue ethos is sustainability first, and our Foodsafe Paper fits right in.

  • How thick is noissue Foodsafe Paper?

    noissue Foodsafe Paper is made using industry standard 38 GSM grease-proof paper.

    This allows for it to be flexible enough for presentation and sturdy enough for almost any kind of use.

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