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  • What are noissue Shipping Labels made of?

    The noissue Shipping Labels are made from FSC Certified heat sensitive thermal paper and a non toxic adhesive. 

    We have SGS and MSDS reports showing all of the materials used to make our labels are compostable and non-toxic, however we are yet to receive the official home and compost certifications.

    These are pending and will hopefully be in our hands soon!

  • What is the shelf life of the shipping labels?

    These will last for 1 year if kept at room temp in the paper & box they come in. If unwrapped, the heat sensitivity of these will being to fade and printing may not be as successful. 

    We ship these worldwide for free within 10-14 days, so no need to fill the room with them!

  • What is your MOQ for Shipping Labels?


    These can be purchased on our site in lots of 1, 5, 10, 20, 40 or 60 rolls. If you want to order more than that, no worries! Just head over to our noissue Plus page to get in touch with the team

  • What printers are the labels compatible with?

    Our shipping labels are compatible with a range of different printers however it is very important to note that some labels only work with very specific brands and printers (looking at you Dymo!)

    The three different types of shipping labels that we have are:

    • Dymo - US & EU
    • Zebra - US & EU
    • Brother

    We highly recommend testing the roll with your printer before buying in bulk as we can't guarantee the labels working with other printers other than the below:

    Dymo Labels will work on:

    • Dymo LabelWriter 4XL (SKU 1755120)

    Zebra Labels will work on:

    • LP2844/TLP2844, GC420/GC420T, GK420D/GK420T, GK888T/GK888D,

    • GX420D/GX420T,GX430T,LP2442,LP2443,ZP450,ZD500.ZD500R.ZP500,

    • ZP505,LP2642,LP2742,LP3642,LP3742,TLP3842,TLP3844Z,T402,

    • Neatoscan, Eltron, Fargo, DataMax, Sato, Intermes and some larger Direct and Transfer Thermal Printers

    Brother Labels will work on:

    • QL-1100 and QL-1110NWB and some larger Direct and Transfer Thermal Printers

    If your printer is not shown here, it is best to order 1 roll to test!


  • Can I order samples of noissue Shipping Labels?

    We would love to include these in our sample packs however there is little use in this without having the roll - it is therefore best to buy 1 roll if you aren't sure!

  • What size printers are compatible with the labels?

    For our labels to work on any printer, they must be compatible with the following sizes:

    Brother Printers must be compatible with labels  that are at least 6" x 4" / 102mmx152mm

    Dymo Printers must be compatible with labels  that are at least 4”x6” / 104mmx159mm

    Zebra Printers must be compatible with labels  that are at least 4”x6” / 100mmx150mm


  • How are the Shipping Labels Packed?

    noissue Shipping Labels are wrapped in noissue Tissue and sealed with a noissue sticker. They are then put into the right sized cartons and shipped to your door.

    Every single element of the packaging we use for the labels is 100% compostable 

  • How many labels per roll?

    Each type of Shipping Label has different amounts, here are the labels per roll:

    • Dymo - 220 Labels per Roll
    • Zebra - 250 Labels per Roll
    • Brother - 200 Labels per Roll
  • Can I use an Inkjet or laser printer?

    Afraid not at this stage - but we are working on it!

    These are thermal labels and will only work on thermal or direct label printers.

  • How do I set my printer to print correctly?

    noissue Shipping Labels have artwork on the border so that your customers know that they don't need to peel this off before composting!

    You will need to set your printer up to print within this, dimensions to do so are below:


    If you are struggling to do this on the printer itself, each printer company also has its own computer software where you can adjust the size on your computer!

  • What's the difference between EU and US labels?

    Dymo and Zebra offer both a US version and EU version of their machines and these require different label types - we carry both! 

    The easiest way to determine which label is best for you is:

    - US Labels: These do not have any markings on the back of the label

    - EU Labels: These have black barcode marks on the back of the label to help guide it though the machine

    If you current labels have nothing on the back, then you should select US labels. 

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