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  • Is noissue tissue paper made from recycled materials?

    All noissue paper products are FSC-certified - this guarantees that our paper has been sourced in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner. 


    noissue tissue paper is made from 30% recycled materials. The rest is from new acid-free pulp.  

  • Is noissue tissue eco-friendly?


    We use acid-free paper and soy-based inks. These are FSC-certified materials that are environmentally-friendly and easier to recycle.

  • How is noissue tissue shipped?

    We ship all noissue tissue orders in custom noissue boxes, offering full protection and a convenient easy-to-use tissue drawer.  


    Each box can hold 250, 500 or 1,000 sheets, depending on the volume of your order.

  • What GSM is your tissue?

    Our standard tissue for single color printing is 17gsm - the thickness commonly associated with tissue paper.

    Should you need something thicker, we also offer 28gsm. This thickness is used for all 2 color and full bleed printing.

  • What size is noissue tissue?

    There are two sizes of noissue tissue available:



    • Large - 50x75cm (20" X 30")
    • Small - 38x50cm (15" X 20")
  • Why doesn't the color of my tissue paper exactly match my sticker?

    This is because different printing methods are used for different materials.

    Our tissue paper is produced with offset printing that uses Pantone hex codes, while our stickers are printed digitally using CMYK colors. This can result in a color variation of 5% to 10%.

  • I want to order 28 GSM tissue, but I can’t find the option?

    We typically print 1 color designs on 17 GSM, and 2 color or full bleed designs on 28 GSM.



    If you would prefer to have your 1 color design printed on 28 GSM tissue, please get in touch with the team here.

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