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  • What are noissue Totes made from?

    noissue Tote Bags are made from Certified 100% Organic Cotton and printed with water-based inks.

  • What designs can I print?

    We can print pretty much any design you want within reason! Below are a few guidelines to follow so that we can ensure a great outcome for your spiffy new noissue Totes!

    • Printing available in 1 color per bag
    • We use Pantone TPG (See more on those here - it is the Pantone FHI Paper TPG range!)
    • Your design needs to be at least 1mm thick, so make sure those lines and dots have a bit of volume to them!
    • There should be at least a 5mm gap between lines and dots
    • If you are using words, these should be taller than than 1cm

    If you have any questions on this - just click the question mark in the bottom right and we'll be right with you :)

  • What size are noissue Totes?

    noissue Tote Bags come in ones size fits all - stay tuned for further releases soon!

    • Body of the Bag - 40cm x 40cm / 15.75" x 15.75"
    • Handles - 2.5cm x 54cm / 1" x 21 1/4"

    They are 248 gsm in thickness and each bag weighs 100 grams


  • How many noissue Totes can I order?

    You can order the following quantities of noissue Tote bags:

    • 25 Bags
    • 50 Bags
    • 100 Bags
    • 200 Bags
    • 500 Bags

    If you want to order more than this, head here and submit a request and we'll get right back to you!

  • What printing method do you use?

    We print offset for our tote bags, which is why we have a few requirements around thickness of lines etc that you can see more info on here - What designs can I print?


  • What inks do you print with for noissue Totes?

    We use certified Water-based inks to print our Tote bags and utilize Pantone TPG to match the color you are looking for!

  • What makes noissue Tote Bags sustainable?

    Aside from fitting in with our reusable products framework (just like noissue Stamps!), noissue Tote bags are made from Certified 100% Organic Cotton and printed with water-based inks.

    Like most people out there, we'd love to see the end of all single-use plastic bags ASAP and to do this, we need to use products that can be reused again and again rather than used once and thrown away! It was important to us that the product we made was also made from sustainable materials, so we hope you like your new noissue Tote Bags as much as we enjoyed making them!

  • Can I print a different design on each side of noissue Totes?


    Both sides can be completely different, however you can only print with 1 color for the whole bag. We are working on bringing out more printing options so stay tuned!

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